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Allahumma Lutfi Johari

Allahumma Lutfi Johari

arabic script variants; some used for transcribing foreign languages.

Some of the major styles of Arabic script, as fonts. I studied all these in Calligraphy classes which were part of our curriculum.

" Love" in Arabic calligraphy

This character means "love" in Arabic which is why some characters did what they did, so this could be something that we include in the set in a creative way.

symbol. Pretty. Wonder what it means? It's pronounced "Ya Allah" which means "Oh My God"

Ya Allah (O Allah) Calligraphy “يا الله” “O Allah” Originally found on: alyibnawi

japanese bamboo calligraphy pens

Printable Thank You Card - Calligraphy Monogram

Ann Symes kohji:アラビア書道の道具 -- Bamboo tools for practicing arabian calligraphy

I Made Arabic Words Easier To Learn By Illustrating Their Literal Meaning

Arabic Words Illustrated Based On Their Literal Meaning

Graphic designer and an architect Mahmoud El Sayed was always fascinated by word manipulation, and now he found a way to express his fascination with this personal challenge of illustrating Arabic words and the meanings behind them.