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Diphthong Examples | skeletal system no laber rain gauge pictures kids polly pocket ...

"Clinician Resource" I like this chart; in case I forget an IPA symbol, I can quickly look to this for clarification. The examples provided are really nice as well.

Speech sounds - So easy to describe! WOW!

Great list of fun names for Speech sounds. These make the sounds easier to understand and more relatable to the kiddos.

Silent "e" worksheets are important to phonics success. In this silent "e" worksheet, kids learn how to make silent "e" words out of long vowels sounds.


Worksheets: Silent "e": Just Add "e" - I like the idea of showing students how the short vowel changes to a long vowel sound by adding the "e". Could just write the words on whiteboards to get an idea of how the students sound out CVC words?

Infographic: Photosynthesis for Kids - KIDS DISCOVER

Kids Discover -- Help kids to better understand the fascinating process of how plants convert sunlight into energy with this informative infographic on Photosynthesis.

RealLife English – 7 Consejos para mejorar drásticamente tu pronunciación en inglés

7 Tips to Drastically Improve Your Pronunciation in English -- Vocalization Unit in Speech

introduction to Greek mythology for kids from @Ticia Adventures in Mommydom

How to learn the Greek gods and goddesses