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french bulldog beagle mix. It's between this and a beagle pug mix that Troy and I want to get.

Buddy, the French Bulldog / Beagle hybrid (Frengle) puppy at 10 weeks old

Cute Boglen Terrier Boston Beagle

Cute Boglen Terrier Boston Beagle

02/08/2014: Punc the Boston Terrier Mix

My name is Punc, short for Punctuation. I was named for the exclamation point on my belly (and to have a name starting with 'P' to go with my sister, Panda). I am Boston Terrier, complete mu


My new grand dog. What do you think? Thought to be Boston Terrier-Beagle mix?

Good boy Looks almost like Webster, he's missing the freckles on the chest area.

PERFECT markings on this Boston Terrier! So elegant and sophisticated! No wonder they are called the Gentlemans Dog, but I love my little pirate Boston too!

Boglen Terrier - Boston Terrier + Beagle.  - my dog just had these ! :)

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