the worksheet set includes instructions for creating characters and their own character's
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Story Elements - Activity Sheets and Slide Presentation

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This resource includes both a Story Elements Activity Sheets Set and the Story Elements PowerPoint Presentation.
The Story Elements Activity Sheet Set is a collection of 15 activity sheets for working with any story. The topics include characters and characterization, setting, plot and sequence, conflict, theme, and mixed story elements.
All of the following are included:
Character Traits Chart
Character Traits List
Character Web
Picture a Character
Character Web and Setting Chart
Setting Illustration
Plot Map
Story Board
Conflicts – Internal or External
Conflicts – Identify the Types
Conflicts – Protagonists and Antagonists
Theme – Aesop’s Fables
Themes in Favorite Stories
Story Elements – Putting It All Together
Story Elements Chart
Story Map
These activities are great for practice or review with the whole class,small groups, or individual students.
The Story Elements PowerPoint introduces and expands on the basic story elements of character and characterization, setting, plot, conflict and resolution, and theme. This PowerPoint presentation explains each concept in a clear and easily understandable way.
Examples in this PowerPoint relate the story elements to well-known literature, and students are invited to think of the story elements in stories that they have read as well. Student activities are included as well as a notebook page for reviewing of all of the story elements at the end.
The activity sheets and the presentation both support a number of the Reading: Literature standards, including standards related to characters, settings and plot events, citing textual evidence, and identifying a theme or central idea.
With a variety of activity sheets and with whole-class practice included in the presentation, this set should work well with a class that includes a variety of ability levels.
For more practice with individual story elements, also see these Story Element Task Cards, and for additional reading skill resources, see: Reading Skills.
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