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"Dean is actually happy on this day :) I can't...the feels..." <-- Repinning because of the most amazing tumblr post!:

"Dean is actually happy on this day :) I can't.the feels." This episode made me happy because I was so happy Dean actually had a chance to be happy and himself!

GIFSET - 11x12 Don't You Forget About Me

GIFSET - Don't You Forget About Me 《《《《 I am totally Dean in this episode is pretty sure I have done this in an uncomfortable situation "wait what? What?

I'm laughing too hard at this. It must be late

Wait so does this mean if you/your friend always has wifi they are either A) a demon or B) part demon?o:<<<I have wifi everywhere so I guess I'm either part-demon or I am a demon

Sammy has a magazine

Sam Winchester, Jared Padalecki, SPN, Moose, Supernatural themadhatter-steacup: hannibaldelecterble: next week: is your rebellion making you less attractive to Lucifer? How to get Satan inside y. "Demon blood diet better than salad"