Broken Bay Blues by Cindy Roland Is a love story about Zack & Kiama. The story is centered on the Hawkesbury River in Australia. Zack, an Aussie outback tour guide does his best to teach American born Kia about the outback lifestyle. She's learned a lot and I'm impressed how much my readers have learned too. So many of them can speak fluent "Strine" now! They know what a tinny, a torch, daks, date, dunny, googs, snags etc are. Have a bonzah time thinking on things to pin here! G'day mates!
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Stunning Satellite Images Show the World's Power Lines, Global Cities, and Transport Networks


Vegemite - Love these instructions. I guess I am up with the regular consumers as I couldn't imagine a world without Vegemite.

Kiama's pretty pink luggage

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Shrinking birds Australia’s birds have shrunk in size by in the past century due to habitat loss and climate change. Vivian Yue reports on how a changing environment has affected Australian bird species.

Struth! Fair Dinkum!

Struth! Fair Dinkum!

Utes... a bushie's ride of choice

- Celebrating the archetypal Aussie vehicle, OUTBACK Utes Annual 2013 is jam-packed with stories of people who love their utes. We deliver anywhere in Australia, including Albury, Geraldton, Ferntree Gully