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several metal circles hanging from wires in the air above trees and grass with blue sky behind them
Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | installations | bone series installation
Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | installations | bone series outdoor installation
many white cubes are suspended from strings in the air above a wooden table and floor
Love this. We could probably find templates for similar shapes - maybe just stick to black and white, or just white against black
a woman standing next to a sculpture made out of letters and doughnuts in an office
Brancusi’s “King of Kings" sculpture in 1956. “Things are not difficult to make; what is difficult is putting ourselves in the state of mind to make them."—Constantin Brancusi
an owl ornament hanging from a chain
Aluminum Owl Bell | Wind and Weather
Cast in solid aluminum, our small Owl Bell is a sweet sounding, adorable addition to your outdoor environment. With expressive owl eyes, detailed feathers and a plump, little body, this owl features an antique rust finish. His petite tail serves as the bell clapper so every time the wind blows it appears he's dancing to his own tune! Emitting a soft, tinkling sound, this weather durable owl windbell will easily complement any style yard or garden décor.
an arrangement of air plants hanging on the wall
Diy Pflanzenbild mit Betonschalen und Tillandsien
Weißer Beton, Diy Pflanzenbild mit Betonschalen und Tillandsien, mit Step by Step Tutorial, viele weitere Diy Betonideen und Anleitungen findest Du auf meinem Blog Beates-Kreative-Welten.
the table is set with an arrangement of white flowers and candles on top of it
Christmas Gathering Stories for Zara Home
Christmas Gathering Stories for Zara Home
white flowers are hanging from the ceiling in front of trees and sunlight shining through them
28 Simple Floral Design by Sarah Winward - weddingtopia
a black car is parked in front of a window with white flowers on the glass
Valeria Nascimento, Woolff gallery, London
several white objects are hanging from strings in the dark room with green walls and black flooring
Spaces - Atelier Pascale Girardin
Space – Pascale Girardin
an abstract sculpture is shown in the middle of a room with white walls and flooring
Bride of Cranky Old Geezer
Cornelia Parker- This sculpture was constructed from the remains of a Southern Black Baptist Church destroyed by arsonists. It appears to defy gravity, suggesting the temporality of everything physical even as it captures the spirit of the worshippers.
two white and black wall hangings with flowers attached to the sides, one is made out of plastic beads
How to decorate your home without spending extra money - Anthology Magazine
Valeria Nascimento (Anthology mag-blog)
a room filled with lots of white walls and light coming from the ceiling above it
Coupoles » - 2008, Musée Ziem, Martigues
isa barbier | « Coupoles » - 2008, Musée Ziem, Martigues