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a white house sitting in the middle of a lush green field with lots of trees
A Forever Home 🏡 The owners of this Pine Mountain property wanted to create an open-plan, trendy home, and PlaceMate delivered 🙌 Check out this project here!
the sun shines brightly in front of a house with an open porch and covered patio
Renovate Your Queenslander Architecture For All Seasons - PlaceMate
Are the winter blues getting to you? 🥶 PlaceMate Architects are here to help! There are many ways you can redesign your home to better suit all Brisbane seasons🌦 Check out our blog here
two people standing in the middle of a large open living room with wood floors and ceiling fans
How Architecture Improves Liveability: A Case Study
Here at PlaceMate Architects, we highly value liveability, and believe that good architecture can improve liveability greatly 🙌🏠 . These clients in Woodend were living in a cottage that was just way too small for them. We designed a large backroom, fit with a kitchen, butler’s kitchen, deck, and a lovely, large space to live. To see how we improved the liveability of their home, check out our latest blog! 🖋
two houses with white railings and green trim on the side of each house, next to a fence
Ah, the humble carport. 🚗 Did you know there is actually quite a bit of architectural thought that goes into designing one? Check out our new blog "Carports and Architecture" to find out more!
a white house with an attached pergolated patio
Georgian Queenslander - Chelmer
The owners of this amazing Georgian Queenslander were after a home for a family to live and play in, with spaces for art, music and entertaining. To create more room for this family the Architects at Placemate lifted the house and move it forward on the block to accommodate a tennis court. Created new living areas downstairs that flow outdoors to the classic garden to produce more space within the home. To see more images & information of this stunning townhouse see the link below!
people are sitting at a table outside on the grass in front of a house with white siding
Stunning Mitchelton Home
All the rooms in this gorgeous home felt small, hot, boxy and separated. The Placemate Architects raised the original house 1.5m and opened it in three directions to create flow for view and air from the rear garden, side frangipani, and an expansive front outlook. Everything revolves around the kitchen island. We placed the carport on the street frontage and excavated under the house for a new entry, family room, study, guest room and cellar.
a kitchen with black cabinets and white counter tops is pictured in this image, there are bar stools at the center of the island
Wooloongabba Cottage Pod
The owners of this spectacular home in Wooloongabba wanted a light, spacious inner-city family home. Every spare corner is used for storage to ensure space in the centre of the home for this family. To see more images of this beautifully crafted home see link below.