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a long narrow kitchen with white cabinets and wood flooring, along with an open door leading to the dining room
Kangaroo Point Apartment Renovation - PlaceMate
⚓︎ After returning from their yacht adventures, the homeowners of this Kangaroo Point apartment decided to settle down full time. The unit, however, proved to be too cramped for the couple and needed a refreshing reno 🍃 Check out this project here!
a kitchen with wood flooring and large windows looking out onto the jungle outside at night
What is Mid Century Modern Architecture? - PlaceMate
Ever wanted to learn more about Mid Century Modern Architecture? 🤔 Take a deep dive with us into this fascinating design style as we explore the history and characteristics of post-war architecture. 🏠 Read our blog here!
a bicycle is lit up in front of a house
Stafford Heights Modern Home - PlaceMate
Post-war/Modern Architectural Design New Homes