This is simple and very cool -- 4 boards painted with blackboard paint (butcher drawing by an artistic friend), quite a few magnetic knife strips, lots of black handled knives. black and cream curtain and old fashioned looking counters.

North Carolina Pulled Pork

North Carolina Pulled Pork / Mop Sauce - Parts of the Carolinas like a slightly thicker sauce for serving.simply stir cup ketchup and a few splashes of hot sauce into 2 cups fresh mop sauce.

FYI: What Kind Of Dinosaur Meat Would Taste Best?

These Plant-Eating Dinosaurs Were Bigger Than the House You Live In: Europasaurus, a "dwarf" sauropod of the late Jurassic period (Gerhard Boeggeman)

National Hotdog Week Queen 1940s-1950s Sausage • Modern Postcard | eBay

scottpatrick: “Miss Sausage Queen, 1955 Geene Courtney, National Hot Dog Week, Zion Meat Co. The USA National Hot Dog and Sausage Council has designated July as National Hot Dog Month, and the group.

Chimichurri spice mix - use as a dry rub or marinade base, perfect for chicken and beef.

chimichurri - "Rub this spice blend over steak before grilling. Sprinkle atop a piece of halibut before pan searing. Combine with equal parts oil and vinegar for a simple sauce. Or better yet, make a marinade for chicken "