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a poster with some information about the different things in this area and what they are doing
Tsunami Awareness and Facts Worksheet
Tsunami Awareness Week free, downloadable and printable worksheet. It has two pages, one for the student and an answer sheet for the educator/teacher. It has definitions, causes, facts and safety tips.
the food web worksheet is filled with information
Food Web Worksheet
Food Webs: A worksheet for high school learners or middle school that looks into how food webs work and the threats to their balance. The worksheet has two pages and answers attached.
the healthy foods worksheet is shown in black and white, including broccoli,
Healthy Eating Worksheet 2
A plant-based focused colouring (coloring) sheet aimed at early learners in primary/ elementary school. Students color in the healthy foods. Free, printable download ready for a quick and easy lesson. Based on Dr Furhman's gbombs theory.
a healthy eating chart with food items on it and the words'healthy eating '
Healthy Eating Worksheet
A printable healthy eating worksheet for early/elementary/primary learners. The sheet is free and downloadable. Children cut out the food and decide what is healthy and unhealthy. Helping to lead to constructive conversations. Plant-based focused, based on Dr Fuhrman's gbombs theory.
the water cycle worksheet for kids to learn how to write and draw it
Water Cycle
The water cycle coloring worksheet, with answer key attached. Perfect for primary school / elementary learners.