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“Laughter is an instant vacation” -Milton Berle
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two mugs of beer with the words national beer day written above them on a blue background
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Happy National Beer Day!!
a woman jumping up in the air with her arms outstretched, saying it's friday don't ask what's for dinner you already know the answer is beer
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It's #Friday!
the view from inside a bus looking out at three pyramids
Disappointing photos that show what 17 popular tourist attractions look like in real life
26 photos that show what popular tourist sites are really like via INSIDER
Happy Sunday GIF by Studios 2016 - Find & Share on GIPHY
Happy #Sunday!
a man sitting at a desk in front of a laptop computer with the caption o'dark thirty
Slideshow Photos For Entrepreneurs | Entrepreneur
O'Dark Thirty: Far too early in the morning (Originated as a military term.)
a woman holding a beer bottle with the caption saying, always keep a bottle of wine in the fridge for special occasions you know like wednesdays
Thank you baby Jesus!
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Enjoying the weekend be like... #WeekendFeels
a group of people standing in front of a building with a sign that says club you must have more than 200 followers to enter
What the future looks like with the internet in context...
Casual Friday Dog Sticker by Olivia When - Find & Share on GIPHY
Got any plans for your #fridaynight? Go out. Have fun!
the word weeeeeee weekend written in black ink
#LongWeekend plans?
the logo for game of agencies with cartoon birds and plants in front of an old paper background
Game of Agencies Imagines What Game of Thrones Characters Would Do at an Agency
Ever thought who the Game of Thrones characters would be if they were part of an ad agency? Check out the re-imagined characters!
#FridayFunDay: Is this also how you will after your long work hours? #meme Friday Funday, Laughter, Work, Milton, Meme, Milton Berle
#FridayFunDay: Is this also how you will after your long work hours? #meme
an older woman sitting on top of a wooden bench
When you realize tomorrow's #monday
a woman is standing next to a dog and talking to another woman who is holding a sign that says does it have high ceilings?
One Thing You Absolutely Need To Know Before Buying A Home
"One Thing You Absolutely Need To Know Before Buying A Home"