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various electronics and gadgets are arranged on a white background with the words gift card
10 Early Black Friday Deals You Can Get Now! | Entrepreneur
Buckle up your self for it's Black Friday! Here's some great deals you can have!
an open book with the words remains of the day on it next to a cup of coffee
Remains of the Day: Yahoo Makes it More Difficult to Leave by Disabling Email Forwarding
Remains of the Day: Yahoo Makes it More Difficult to Leave by Disabling Email Forwarding via Lifehacker
an advertisement on the side of a tall building in front of a blue sky with clouds
Is Snapchat Really Worth $25 Billion?
Social media platfrom Snapchat is set to make billions as it gears up for an IPO. Learn more!
a person holding an iphone in their hand with facebook on the screen next to a laptop
Facebook Takes on Slack With Launch of Business Software | Entrepreneur
Facebook Takes on Slack With Launch of Business Software via Lifehacker
two people are using their cell phones to pay at the cash register
How Safe Is Apple Pay?
How does wireless payments like Apple Pay work and is it safe? Find out!
happy grandparents day card with two elderly men and heart shaped glasses on an orange background
Show your love and say thank you to your grandparents! Today is #NationalGrandParentsDay!
the city of tomorrow sever works, makers, and the future of urbanism
Cities In The Future Might Track Our Every Movement
What will the cities of the future be like? Researchers suggest that they could be highly data-driven and could track our every movement! Learn more here:
a man standing in front of a city skyline holding a tablet computer and looking at the screen
6 possibilities for the future of social media marketing | MarTech
Curious what the future holds for the world of social media? Here are 6 predictions from expert Jayson DeMers!
an aerial view of a box being lifted by a small aircraft in the sky above clouds
34 Most Disruptive Technologies of the Next Decade
Keep your eyes on these technologies that are going to be big in the next few years!
an olympic flag flying in front of the statue of liberty on top of a mountain
Rio Olympics 2016!
the interior of an airplane with purple seats
Inspiration. Creativity. Wonder.
Technologies are evolving at an astonishing pace. For aircraft passengers, here are the best innovations to look forward to!
an image of a robot that is in the middle of some tall grass and trees
Atlas, The Next Generation
Meet the newest version of "Atlas", a robot that can carry resources to remote places or help people in disaster areas!
an airplane flying in the sky over some mountains and land area with hills behind it
Facebook’s terrifying internet drone has made its maiden voyage
"Facebook wants to bring internet to the most remote parts of the world, and the first part of its plan to do so has taken flight."
an artist's rendering of people walking down a walkway
The Lowline, the World's First Underground Park, Is Coming to New York City
#DYK New York will be home to the world's most futuristic park? Learn more about this would-be architectural marvel!
an artist's rendering of the new terminal at los angeles international airport is shown in this aerial view
Floating airports: Are they about to happen? | CNN
Could all the technological advancements happening before our eyes also mean that we are closer to having floating airports? Find out the answer!