Michael Caton by Bruno Jean Grasswill, Archibald Prize 2015 finalist and winner of the Packing Room Prize

The curse of the packers has struck again, with Bruno Jean Grasswill's portrait of actor Michael Caton almost certain not to win this year's Archibald Prize.

Jenny Kee by Carla Fletcher - 2015 Archibald Prize finalist

Jenny Key, Australian artist, by Carla Fletcher. Archibald prize finalists from popstars to politicians – in pictures

Music as a physical object

Back to listing All Music Film Art Design Gaming Fashion Photographer Martin Klimas Paints Like Pollock With Sound pictured here: miles davis, bitches brew


Makoto Tojiki’s “No Shadow” LED Sculptures Depict Humans and Animals in Showers of Lights

Daniel Johns by Julian Meagher - Archibald Prize 2015 finalist

Edwina Corlette Gallery announces Julian Meagher's portrait of Daniel Johns as a 2015 Archibald prize finalist.

Alice Fraser by Adam Alcorn - Archibald Prize 2015 finalist

Archibald Prize Archibald 2015 finalist: Alice Fraser by Adam Alcorn

Hipstamatic and Instagram team up

Two Of The Most Popular iPhone Photo Apps Feeling Some Love For One Another

The Big Splash – Mark Evans. One of the 22 incredible Australian Life finalists.

From the rocks of Arnhem Land to the backyards of the Sydney suburbs, snapshots for the 2015 Australian Life prize showcase a nation in colour and motion

Floatie – Henrique Fanti. One of the 22 incredible Australian Life finalists.

'Floatie' by Henrique Fanti: A mother playfully contends with four children as they battle.

Stretch – Paul Blackmore. One of the 22 Australian Life finalists.

'Stretch' by Paul Blackmore: A woman's chocolate brown skin sparkles in the summer sunshine as she prepares for a swim at a local pool

Richard Bell, self portrait - Archibald Prize 2015 finalist

Richard Bell - 'ME' - self-portrait. Born in Charleville, Queensland in Bell has been exhibiting art for more than 25 years nationally and internationally. acrylic on canvas. 150 x 150 cm.

Gertrude Street Projection Festival Returns for 2015

RMIT art student from China contributes to Gertrude Street Projection Festival

This Massive Ball Pit 'Beach' Is Made for Art-Loving Kidults

A Square Foot Ball Pit Situated Within a National Museum Lets Visitors Experience the Beach Indoors