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Please repin HELP Maywood is in Illinois so if you live there be AWARE!>> pin>>>>rep in guys

His mother and her boyfriend beat him to death, stuffed him in a backpack & threw him in the river. They destroyed evidence and made up the kidnapping story.


Dude why you gotta put a bad luck thing on it I would've posted it WITHOUT it. It's kind of disappointing that they put that on

LETS SEE HOW FAR IT GOES>>>paris>>> alberta,canada>>> Kansas>>> Virginia U.S.A>>>>>Florida>>>PennsylvaniaWashington>>>>Jordan>>>>Virginia again! >>> Not giving away my location but it’s heeeeeeere

LETS SEE HOW FAR IT GOES>>>paris>>> alberta,canada>>> kansas>>> Virginia U.A>>>>>Florida>>>Pennsylvania>>Washington>>>>Jordan>>>>Virginia again>>Michigan>>New Zealand>>>california>>>>British Columbia, Canada>>>> London, UK>>>Utah>>>Vancouver, Canada