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Introduction to the Flat Earth, How it Works, and Why We Believe It – Flat Earth Science and the Bible

If this is your first time hearing about the flat earth, your first reaction may be like most people: shock, laughter, scoffing, and avoidance. But the Flat Earth Movement is exploding like wildfir…

What the hell? This is a thing?

I would recommend doing it outside. And find a lake that has a curve to it. bending with the earth. No such thing.

Rays hitting our earth through the clouds is evidence of "flat earth" because....? No, it questions the distance from earth to the sun, not the shape or dimensions of our round planet. It's a matter of perspective and interesting to see so many different points of view. It's healthy to have an open mind and logical point of view....

Guys just do your research Without prejudice please I am in hell of the physics But just few hours of research, and i became a flat earther This is crazy But please visit my board. There is enough evidence