Singapore’s Changi Airport hosts First Pikachu Parade

Visitors to the airport can meet the Pokemon character at the public area of Terminal 3 on weekends until Jan 1 next year.

Gen 2 Pokemon Go: New Evolutions

The latest update for Pokemon GO adds evolution stones to the game like the Metal Coat. Here is how to find the Metal Coat and which Pokemon can evolve with it.

10 Best Pokemon GO Buddies

Niantic recently released a new update for the virtual reality game Pokemon GO. The update included the newest feature, the Pokemon GO Buddy.

Your GF as a Pokemon GO monster

But we can’t help ourselves from sharing these awesome posts about the similarities of some Pokemon GO monsters and your real-life girlfriends.

‘Pokemon GO’ Characters In Real Life

Omanyte from 13 Pokemon found in Pokemon Go and their Real Life Pokemon Equivalent.

Guide for Parents: How to Keep Children Safe while Playing Pokemon GO

It's holiday get-together time. Will you see more of your kids & grandkids faces than their mobile devices will?

Adorable Pokemon GO-Inspired Nail Arts You will Love to Have

The Pokemon GO sensation has reached to a different level. This time, let us be amazed with these adorable Pokemon-GO inspired nail arts.

Pokemon GO Update: 21-Year Old First to Catch Them All

Finally, after almost a month after its launch, Pokemon GO has a certified Pokemon master. A Spanish man has fulfilled the game’s challenge to catch them all.

Ten Sincere Pokemon GO Signs from Individuals and Businesses

There are mixed reactions from the public about the widespread influence of Pokemon GO. Pokemon GO gamers need to be cautious that they are

Seven Pokemon GO-inspired Baby Names Trending Today

Pokemon GO is really bringing in big influences to the real world. Yes, we can list how it engineered a change in youth behavior, business opportunities, and offline socialization. But, BabyCenter reports another Pokemon GO

You Gotta Read These 10 Hilarious Book-Related ‘Pokémon GO’ Jokes On Twitter

You Gotta Read These 10 Hilarious Book-Related ‘Pokémon GO’ Jokes On Twitter

Pokemon GO Crochets You Might Wish to Catch

If you live in Texas and you like Pokémon Go then you might be in for a nice surprise the next time you visit your local PokeStop, because somebody is

Failed Pikachu Photos That Will Haunt ‘Pokémon GO’ Fans’ Dreams

Any “Pokémon GO” fan would agree that Pikachu is a must-have. Lots of players prefer Pikachu as their starter Pokémon , often ignoring a Squirtle, Bulbasaur and any other Pokémon that might appear on their

Amazing Ways People Take Advantage of Pokemon GO Sensation

Amazing Ways People Take Advantage of Pokemon GO Sensation

Illustration: The Real-Life Pokemon

What if Pokemon monsters are real-life animals we see in our world every day? Here are twelve of the Pokemon monsters and

Eeveelution: Which is the Best Evolution for your Eevee?

Your Eevee is a special kind of Pokemon. It evolves into any of the three different kinds --- Flareon, Vaporeon, or Jolteon. While many once believed it to be random, or just a matter of