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Pele, Fire Goddess of Kilauea by Clair Hummel (*shoomlah on deviantart)

First of two matching character designs for class this week- I decided to redraw the characters from my Pele and Poliahu comic ( [link] ), since I hadn&. Pele, Fire Goddess of Kilauea

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Weaved Palm leaves Tahitian Headpiece by TiareOPatitifa on Etsy, $48.00

Simple Tahitian or Cook Island Costume by TiareOPatitifa on Etsy

"We Are Samoa" Love my peoples!!!

all our cultures.all of our people, separated by lifestyle, land, and sea united under one thing- the fact that our ancestors shared a home.

Samoan Etiquette – You sit down, too!

Respect to elders is very, very important in Turkey. This can mean respect to your grandparents, but also respect to your elder sister/brother. It's rude to call your sisters/brothers by their first name.