Doors and drawers  in New Ultra White Gloss Doors, drawers and panels  in Maison Oak Ravine

Door, drawers and panels in Natural Oak Ravine. Melamine overhead cupboards in Classic White Matt.

polytec - Overhead cupboard doors in ALUMINIUM 5mm/55mm Brushed Stainless frame with Frosted Glass insert. Drawers in CREATEC Ultra White. Bar panel in CREATEC Black Wenge.

Overhead cupboard door frames in Brushed Stainless. Overhead cupboard doors in Frosted glass insert.

polytec - doors in CREATEC Graphite.

CREATEC doors and panels in Truffle Lini Gloss. Melamine drawers in Porcelain Sheen. Island Laminate benchtop in Carrara Matt. Rear Laminate benchtop in Snow Fabrini Matt.

polytec - doors in CREATEC Cavia Lini.

Love this Cavia Lini gloss with the grain in it. These are actually our bathroom cabinets but with the grain running horizontally. Doors in CREATEC Cavia Lini.

polytec - doors in CREATEC Shannon Oak. Bench top in LAMINATE Classic White Matt.

Polytec-Doors in Createc Shannon Oak Bench top in Laminate Classic White Matt

polytec - Doors in CREATEC Truffle Lini and Porcelain. Bench top in LAMINATE Carrara Matt and Snow Fabrini Matt.

This is an absolutely beautiful kitchen design! The counter top is so inventive, with the sunken ash-colored background. And the simplistic ash cabinets are beautiful. I would love a kitchen like this.

Doors and drawers in polytec CREATEC Shannon Oak.

Photos and videos of Polytec products in homes and commercial buildings.

polytec - Overhead cupboards in THERMOLAMINATED 18mm Manchester Ultra White Gloss. Doors and panel in THERMOLAMINATED 18mm Manchester Onyx Fineline Gloss.

Thermolaminated Dorrigo doors in Classic White Gloss. Thermolaminated Dorrigo base doors in Grey Oak Natura.

polytec - Doors and drawers in CREATEC Shannon Oak. Butler pantry base drawers in CREATEC Malt.

Doors and drawers in polytec CREATEC Shannon Oak. Butler pantry base drawers in polytec CREATEC Malt.

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