ocean home forest

Bringing the moon on the earth, Weber Consulting has developed a beautiful dwelling named the “Mahina” (the Maori name for Moon) on Kawau Island of Auckland, New Zealand. Spreading in is 827 square feet, the luxury house comprises a plant room,.

Monaco Penthouse- indoor swimming pool with columbs and sperical skylight

Tour Odéon Shelters the World’s Most Expensive Penthouse 6 indoor pool

The internal circumference of the dome is equipped with a series of lightweight fabric curtains, which help provide shade from the sun and privacy during the evening

Heavenly Oasis dome offers a view of night sky

The Oasis dome allows users to enjoy glamping all year round

Vytautas Puzeras a product design from Lithuania design an transportable dome shelter based Oaze. This cool Dome shape tent allows …

Oasis dome offers glamping under the stars all year round

Transparent Dome Shelters Campers While Offering Uninterrupted Views of Natural Surroundings - My Modern Met