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Nikujaga - Japanese Beef and Potatoes

Nikujaga is a healthy & delicious Japanese dish made primarily from the two ingredients that make up the name: meat (" niku ") and potatoes (" jaga imo").

Cookies and cream chocolate chip cookies.- substituted golden Oreos and vanilla chips for the chocolate haters in my family. These are A MAZING!!

Cookies and cream chocolate chip cookies. I chose this recipe because I like chocolate chip cookies, but they are a little boring. This recipe combines two types of cookies that I like, Oreos and chocolate chip.

<p>An Pan is a Japanese sweet bread with Anko (sweet red bean paste) inside.  It is an old-fashioned kind of bread, and one of the most popular snack breads of all time. An Pan was created in the late 19th century, and it became tremendously popular right away.  Although people …</p>

An Pan - Japanese Sweet Bread w/ Anko (sweet red bean paste) inside. Old-fashioned kind of bread created in late century becoming tremendously popular right away/ still one of most popular snack breads of all time - - Breads

Chawanmushi @shihoko67

Chwanmushi is Japanese savoury egg custard which is very easy to make and packed with Umami and protein. Can be cooked in under 20 minutes!