Pottery in the studio

An inside look at The Pottery For The Planet studio! Meet our potters, learn more about our handcrafted ceramic pieces and how they are made!
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many pink vases are lined up on a table
The Makers Mark
Having a maker's mark on a piece of pottery is important for the artist for several reasons. First, it helps to establish their identity and brand as a potter. Second, it can increase the value of the pottery, as collectors often prefer pieces with clear and visible marks that indicate the artist who made them. Finally, maker's marks can also serve as a way for the artist to connect with their customers and fans, as it allows them to take pride in and showcase their work.
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Travel Bowls - A Pottery For The Planet Best Seller
Take Out or Take Away? Get Your Hands on Pottery For The Planet’s Travel Bowl! Our travel bowl is a must-have for the foodie who loves to take out and take away! Not only is it our second best seller, but with its silicone lid, you can store leftovers or pack a picnic in style. Plus - each bowl is handcrafted in our small pottery studio and finished with a gorgeous glaze. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the Travel Bowl today!
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Behind the Scenes - Getting Fired Up in the Studio!
Meet Bigna, the artist behind our beautiful and earth-friendly pottery travel cups. From the delicate application of glaze to the careful process of ensuring they're completely dry before firing -- see how she crafts each piece with purpose and lots of love! Get one now and support sustainable art. #potteryfortheplanet #sustainableart
many pink vases are lined up on a table
Coffee Lovers Rejoice - Get the Perfect-Size Travel Cup!
Behind The Scenes - Do you love coffee, but can't stand having too much or too little in your cup? Look no further than Pottery For The Planet! They have crafted a variety of sizes for every sipper - from 4 oz to 16 oz. So grab one of these beautiful cups and have the perfect amount of joe with you on the go! #coffeelovers #perfectsize #ceramictravelcup
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Packaging with a Purpose at Pottery For The Planet
Get a behind the scenes look at Pottery For The Planet. We are dedicated to creating a more circular economy and that includes our packaging - we repurpose cardboard packaging from local businesses in an effort to reduce waste! Our mission starts with little steps like these, and YOU can be part of it too. Shop now and make an impact! #sustainability #circulareconomy
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Opening the Pottery Kiln is like Christmas every time!
We think we are pretty lucky to unwrap the perfect surprise every time with our pottery kiln - the best way to discover beautiful and unique hues. It's like Christmas morning! Shop our range of unique glazes and ceramics for a one of a kind piece guaranteed.
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Meet our Makers!
Meet Renton Bishopric, our head potter! Through his passion for ceramics, the environment and art, he brings a unique perspective to the craft. #PotteryInspiration #RentonBishopric #HandmadeCeramics
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Glazing and Firing your favourite Pottery Products
Pottery making is an art form that involves glazing and firing clay to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. With our expert craftsmanship and attention to detail, we make sure every piece of ceramic is completely original and made to last. #Glazing&Firing #UniqueCeramics #HandcraftedCreations
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Have you visited The Pottery Eumundi yet?
Visit The Pottery in Eumundi to find unique, artisan products from passionate local creators. Our store offers a range of items from fashion and jewelry to home goods and decor - come explore the best of what Eumundi has to offer! #ThePotteryEumundi #UniqueArtisanProducts #ShopLocal
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Unpacking Handcrafted Artwork
The rewarding end of a creative process – unloading the kiln with beautiful handmade ceramic pottery. Every piece is unique, carefully crafted and made with skills and passion by our talented team. #PotteryLovers #HandcraftedArt #KilnUnloading
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Our Pottery Process
Our kilns are bursting with beauty! Come and discover the handmade love we pour into every stunning ceramic travel cup here at Pottery For The Planet. 🌏
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Have you visited our showrooms?
Our Pottery For The Planet headquarters are located in the beautiful coastal town of Noosa. Our showroom, warehouse, production studio and office are all located on the same site. If you're looking to handpick your products or find some unique unreleased treasures, this is the right spot! Shop our ceramic showroom in Eumundi on the Sunshine Coast. Located along Eumundi's main road, just across from the Eumundi Markets, our ceramic showroom has some of our favourite ceramics on display.
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Sustainability in Lifestyle and Business
Sustainability in life and business is a key priority for the whole Pottery For The Planet team. After all, our purpose is to make it as simple and inspiring as possible for people to make conscious choices for the Planet. We’re here to contribute to the Earth’s long and healthy life, by eradicating single-use culture and plastic waste across the globe.
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Shop Handmade this Christmas
Wish you had your own personal Christmas Shopper? We have the next best thing! Our Christmas gift guide is brimming with gift-giving inspiration to help you sleigh Christmas this year. There are gifts for her/him/them, for mum, dad, friends, family and even bub! Whether you’re shopping for the eco-minded, the super stylish, the kitchen whizz or a decor diva - we have gifts for everyone and every budget! What are you waiting for? Get your Christmas shopping done and dusted with our gift guide!
an advertisement for the noosa open studio on october 1st - 6th, with cups stacked in rows
Noosa Open Studios Event is coming up!
Noosa Open Studios is the biggest annual art events on the Sunshine Coast! This is a FREE event to attend! From October 1st -9th, everyday 10am to 4pm! Come see our studio, get tours, exclusive one off pieces and see the behind the scenes action. Click the link to get more details.