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Find our ceramic Travel Cups, Travel Bowls and Tablewares out in the wild! From cafes to gift shops, kitchen draws to family dinners, our handmade pottery wares…
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a person is holding a clay vase in their left hand and using it to make something
Get to Know Pottery For The Planet's Makers Mark
In pottery, a "maker's mark" is a symbol, name or signature that identifies the potter who made the piece. It is usually stamped or impressed into the clay before firing and helps to authenticate the origin and value of the pottery.
two people walking on the beach holding hands and one is holding a cup with something in it
Ceramic Travel Cups | Pottery For The Planet
Ceramic Travel Cups to take with you on all your adventures. The perfect reusable keep cup, a sustainable and environmentally friendly option. ​#sustainableliving #zerowaste #reusable #reusablecup #keepcup
two coffee cups sitting on top of a rug next to a surfboard and another cup
Ceramic Coffee Cups | Pottery for the Planet
Reusable travel cup to add to your zero waste lifestyle. Unique ceramic pottery designs to Travel in style. Get your own reusable cup or gift it for a friend. ​#sustainableliving #zerowaste #reusablecup
two women sitting next to each other holding coffee mugs
Reusable Ceramics | Eco friendly coffee cup
Want to enjoy your hot coffee or tea in nature? These reusable ceramic coffee cups are the perfect drink aesthetic for everyday. Drink in style on the go. ​​#sustainableliving #zerowaste #reusablecup #ecofriendly #adventure #plasticfreejuly
a woman holding a coffee cup in her right hand and wearing a blue jacket, smiling
Ceramic Reusable Lunch bowl & Travel Cup
Sustainable Ceramic Travel Bowl and Cup. Perfect for taking to work, or your morning outing on the go. Reusable, Handmade Ceramics that are eco friendly and beautiful. ​​#sustainableliving #zerowaste #reusablecontainer #reusablecup #plasticfreejuly
four coffee cups are lined up on a table
The Dreamers #37 - Pottery for the Planet owners Clare and Renton
Meet Renton and Clare. This passionate pair are the owners of business with purpose Pottery For The Planet. On the launch of our Mothers Day travel mug collaboration we chatted to this lovely couple about their passion for art and the environment and how they translated that into a blooming business.