Pottery for The Planet is a sustainable and ethical pottery company. Creating reusable Cups and Bowls to use on the go and replacing single-use takeaway cups…
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Travel Kit - The Ultimate Reusable Set
Travel Cup Benefits: Reducing waste: Reusable cups and bowls can be used repeatedly, significantly reducing the amount of single-use plastic waste that ends up in landfills or oceans. Saving money: Buying a high-quality travel cup and bowl saves in the long run, as you won't need to buy disposable cups and bowls every time you're on the go.
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Conquer Life On The Road with Pottery For The Planet's Travel Wine Cup
Make life on the road easier and enjoyable with Pottery For The Planet's Travel Cup! This cup does more than just take your favorite drink to go - it acts as a source of emotional support and can be used for everything from morning coffees to sunset wines. Take it camping, on a hike, or just around town and let it become a go-to staple. Grab yours today and conquer life on the road! #travelcup #emotionalsupport
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Mother's Day Gift
Give the perfect Mother's Day gift – our best-selling reusable set in her favorite color! Perfect for moms who love both style and sustainability.
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Sustainable and Aesthetic Food Storage Solutions
Looking for a way to store your food that is both sustainable and aesthetically pleasing? Check out our Gumnut Travel kit! This set includes a beautiful, handmade bowl and reusable travel cup. Plus, we want to make mention of the dangers of microplastics leeching into your food when you heat up plastic takeaway containers
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Why Reusables?
Reusable cups and bowls are not just better for the environment—they look great too! Instead of settling for single-use takeaway cups, opt for a reusable cup instead. Not only will you be helping reduce waste, but you'll also enjoy the health benefits of not eating microplastics and reduce your carbon footprint. Plus, most compostable cups don't break down unless they're properly composted, so a reusable cup is really your best bet! #Reusables #Sustainability
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Sustainable Christmas Swaps
Have Yourself A More Sustainable Christmas Christmas is a time to indulge in time off, good company, getting spoiled and second helpings. Unfortunately, it's also a time when we see waste skyrocket. But the future can look much merrier and brighter! Find our top 3 easy and sustainable swaps for a consciously crafted Christmas in our blog on how to have a more environmentally friendly silly seaon!
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Sustainable Gifting this Christmas
Is there any feeling better than picking the perfect pressie? You know the one. It bubbles up, all warm and fuzzy when you have found something practical and beautiful, something they will adore unwrapping and using for years to come. Something just right. We think we found it: sustainable, practical gifts that are guaranteed to be loved.
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Pottery Designs made to last | Single-use plastic alternative | Pottery for the Planet
Handmade Ceramic travel bowls. Eco friendly takeaway container. Zero waste living and made to last a lifetime. Gift you can't go wrong with#sustainableliving #zerowaste #reusablecontainer #reusablecup #plasticfree
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Ceramic Travel Bowls
Ceramic Travel Bowl to use on the go, to work or to the beach. Ceramic containers with silicone lids. The perfect Reusable Bowl. A sustainable choice to reduce plastic waste. Switch to reusables today. #sustainableliving #zerowaste #reusablecontainer #reusables #ethicalgiftideas
Solar Fired Ceramic Travel Cups
Our Solar Fired Ceramic Travel Cups, are fired in kilns that are completely solar run. The most sustainable and Ethical product, with no harm to the earth. Choose the sustainable option and try them out today. Solar Made Pottery.
Sustainable Options | Plastic Swap Alternative
Sustainable Options, Here are 4 everyday easy swaps to kick off your single-use plastic free journey. Choose Eco-freindly options and grab a reusable ceramic Coffee Cup, and a reusable container and ditch the plastic. #zerowaste #sustainableliving #sustainability #ditchplastic #plasticfreemovement #reusablecup
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