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Sustainable, reusable Travel Bowls to replace single-use takeaway food containers in zero waste style! Our Travel Bowls come in two sizes and each comes with…
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a stack of plates sitting on top of a wooden table next to the ocean with a palm tree in the background
Beach Series - Our Local Inspiration
Pictured here are our Travel Bowls in Coral Dreaming and Desert Sand. These travel bowls reflect the native Australian Landscape, and the earth from which the clay is derived.
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Sustainable & Planet-Friendly: Pottery For The Planet's Reusable Travel Bowl & Cup
Make a sustainable choice for the planet with Pottery For The Planet's ceramic Reusable Travel Bowl and Cup! Forget single-use plastic and join the reusable revolution. By choosing this planet-friendly option, you'll be making a kinder world for us all. Get yours today and make a positive impact on our environment! #ceramic #sustainable #planetfriendly
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The Perfect Reusable Set
Make sustainability fashionable! This eco-friendly and stylish reusable set—complete with a travel cup and travel bowl—is the perfect way to stand out in the workplace. #SustainableStyle #ReusableSet #CeramicTravelSet
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Health is Wealth
Make your meals more sustainable with ceramics! Unlike plastic which can release microplastics into your food, ceramic is a much healthier choice and will give your meal a special touch. #CeramicsNotPlastics #EatHealthy #LiveSustainable
Travelling with our ceramic Travel bowls Adventure, Mugs, Places, Unique, Exploring, Explore
Travel to your favourite places with our Travel Bowls.
Make your travels even more special with our unique travel bowls! Perfect for any adventure, these ceramic pieces will always remind you of where you've been and what you've experienced. #TravelBowls #Exploring #Ceramics
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How to use our Ceramic Travel Bowls
Our handmade ceramic travel bowls are perfect for storing your lunch, snacks or leftovers while you're on the go. They come in a range of beautiful glazes and two different sizes, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Plus, they help reduce waste by replacing single-use food containers!
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Sustainable eating on the go with Pottery for the Planet
Looking to make your next takeaway meal a little more sustainable? Look no further than our travel kit! Complete with a ceramic Travel Bowl and Travel Cup, this kit is perfect for anyone starting their sustainable journey. Perfect for takeaway lunches, or to be the envy of the office kitchen! Buy now and join the reusable revolution!
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Planning your 2023 holiday? Take us with you!
if you have seen any news headlines about the environment right now, you will know that our planet is suffering. While the magnitude of the issue might make it seem insurmountable, at Pottery For The Planet we believe in the power of every individual action to create collective change. Holidays and trips away are no excuse to start reaching for single use plastic. Take our Travel cups, bowls and straws with you wherever you go, we have a glaze to suit every landscape!