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Melbourne, Geelong  ·  A commitment to high quality, reliable, professional and friendly healthcare in your home or the home of someone you love.
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When we walked into the home of Prestige Inhome Care client Ruth to hear of her experiences and learn of her story, we were immediately met with a warm and generous smile as she sat within the comforts of her lounge room. “I love stories,” Ruth said. “Other people’s stories.” It was the beginning of a fascinating chat into what has been a long history of travel, adventure, family and writing. And of course, Tennis.

Beaumaris local Ruth speaks of her time as a teacher, hitchhiking through Europe in the and her aspirations as a writer.

Well-known bayside Exercise Physiologist Trent Malcolm, founder of Active One, is not short of stories of success when it comes to providing benefits to lifestyle for individuals taking up exercise at any stage of their life. Sitting down with CEO of Prestige Inhome Care Nick McDonald, Trent shares some interesting insights into this important area of health as well as some of the simple steps individuals can take when wanting to improve their health at any age.

In the lead up to Men’s Health Week in June, Nick McDonald speaks to Exercise Physiologist Trent Malcolm about the benefits of exercise at all ages.

Medical Expert Jim McDonald has spent over 46 years getting to know the Bayside community, having treated up to three generations of the same family at his local General Practice. Sitting down with son and CEO of Prestige Inhome Care Nick McDonald, Jim shares some personal thoughts on some key issues facing the aging community, along with bringing to light his learnings from his many of visits to both nursing homes, aged care facilities and home environments both in Australia and abroad.

An interview close to home - Nick McDonald sits down with dad and medical expert Dr Jim McDonald to discuss aging and road safety - Prestige Inhome Care

When we sat down with Ernest Brough, we knew from his hero status in the community that he had one of the most intriguing stories of survival. As told in his book ‘Dangerous Days: A diggers Great escape’ which documents his escape from a German Prison Camp, Ernie tells of his personal journey of capture, his discovery of an escape route, and the moments where he thought he would be caught once again, to finally returning safely home.

The story of Geelong local, author and hero Ernest Brough, who tells his story of escape - Prestige Inhome Care

The recent reforms to Government Funded Home Care Packages, effective 27 February 2017, have sparked a wave of questions from some of the most vulnerable in our community, with many elderly and disabled citizens overwhelmed with the choice of providers emerging as a result of the changes.

Prestige Inhome Care CEO Nick McDonald highlights five key factors to consider when looking into Home Care.

Meditation Expert Kat John is no stranger to finding ways to make yourself feel good, dedicating the last three years of her life to the empowering and positive meditation practices that can help battle pain, promote happiness and help you to feel good at any stage in life.

Meditation Expert, Kat John shares simple steps to make you feel good - Prestige Inhome Care

Nina has always enjoyed caring for others. With an infectious smile and a warmth that sees many people open up to her on a daily basis, Nina has a knack for making people feel good. One of the many traits that makes Nina such a wonderful carer and valued member of the Prestige Inhome Care team.

Carer Nina shares what makes her feel good and why she loves her role as a Carer - Prestige Inhome Care

When Ron and Rosemary met, sparks flew and love was instantly in the air. It was on St Patrick’s night 2016. Ron, in his 80’s, joined some friends at the Rotunda within the retirement community where they both lived for a few cold ones. He suddenly noticed the lovely Rosemary, in her 70’s, walking along the garden path towards him.

The story of two Bayside locals, Ron and Rosemary, who say you are never too old to marry.