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1930- American Restaurant Signs

South Carolina Restaurant Denies Service To African-Americans On Orders Of ‘Threatened’ White Customer

1930's- Coloured Waiting Room America

Sign for "colored" waiting room at a Greyhound bus terminal in Rome, Georgia, 1943 by Esther Bubley

Canada- 1930-1940 Discrimination against the Jews

Type of source: poster Origin of date: 1930 This poster is shows the discrimination across Canada in the and We can clearly see that in 1930 most of Canadian discriminate of jews, in that era jews can't do as much thing as christian does.

1930- American Party Dress

A gypsy costume today. First generation American party-dress in the Traditional festive costume at the turn of the century, 1900 and earlier

Discrimination against Blacks in America 1930's

Racial discrimination played a big role throughout fences. From Troy Maxson's job as a trash man to Cory's struggle on the football field, everyone was affected in some way whether it was direct or indirect

1927- A train Crashed into the Mississippi River

The train carrying vice-president Charles G. Dawes and Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover wrecked near Heads, Miss., on the Yazoo & Missis.

To Kill a Mocking Bird book cover

To Kill A Mockingbird, This is a study guide for To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. During the first half of To Kill A Mockingbird Harper Lee constructs a sweet and affectionate portrait of growing up in the vanished world of small town Alabama.

1933 South American Map

This is a vibrant 1933 South America Map. Perfect for vintage decorating, scrapbooking, or creating art. 9 x 11 Published by Rand McNally &