Pavlova for Australia Day. Thinking of our sweet Aussie family!


Australia Day Celebrations

With only one week to go until Australia Day (January party preparations will now be in full swing. Australia Day is is a fantastic opportunity to c

Aussie.. #AustraliaDayOnboard

famous red white and blue of the aussie flag with the traditional green and gold of Australia reflecting the Oi Oi Oi


Freshwater Beach by Nick Obrien for Local Yarn, AussieVault by the Australia Day Council of New South Wales


Thank you my Aussie friend, the same to you too! God bless you Krissy.

The Sydney Opera house at sunrise  #AustraliaDayOnboard

The Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia. I've been here and seen an opera in the opera house.

Australian Flag Nail Art Tutorial #AustraliaDayOnboard

Australian Flag Nail Art Tutorial

Materials you'll need: Blue nail polish - I used MAC Breezy Blue White nail polish - I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White.