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Classroom Management Idea

The author posted this great idea of a calming caddy. It is filled with different sensory objects to help students calm down when getting frustrated. She includes things such as stress balls, calming glitter jar, play dough and notebook and crayons.

{freebie} I found this very practical chart for what to do when you get stuck on a word:)

I created this poster as a visual reminder for students of the strategies they could use when they get stuck on a word.A copy is also sent home so parents can further reinforce these good reading strategies.

FREE DAILY DRAMA GAME ~The Annoying Game~ One person onstage, waiting for the bus. Along comes another person who is doing something extremely annoying (student's choice). The person waiting for the bus must then invent a ridiculous excuse to leave. Play until all actors have had a chance to play both roles.

FREE DAILY DRAMA GAME ~Loud, Louder, Loudest~ Invite students to take the stage three at a time. The next person must say it a little louder, and the third must utter the phrase the loudest!