41 Groundcovers to Know & Use

41 Groundcovers to Know & Use: Groundcover plants, when properly taken care of, provide dense soil cover, retard weed growth, and prevent soil erosion. Groundcovers range in height from an inch to four feet. They can be woody or herbaceous; clumping or ru

Plant lemon grass in big pots for the patio. it repels mosquitoes, smells amazing, and grows tall - campinglivez

How to: Make a DIY Outdoor Living Plant Wall » Curbly | DIY Design Community

How to: Make a DIY Outdoor Living Plant Wall

Pallette Sculpture to make a wall cool? Hacker I need to show Donny this, he didn't think we could use a pallet-I see two herb gardens, LOL! How to: Make a DIY Outdoor Living Plant Wall

outdoor establishments / residential project, mosman sydney

Mosman Landscape Design: Outdoor Establishments More - Outdoor shower, white pots

Cool Homemade Fountains | Top 10 Awesome Ideas for your Garden....garden hose+pvc soaker encased in wood= water wall

Water Gardens and Features

Outdoor shower/water day for kids.Could easily be made with hollow box uprights, run the water tube through one and the top hollow box with a PVC tube that you drill holes in for the water to run out. Faux paint it to look like copper, really pretty easy.

Hess|Hoen’s Update of a Historical Home


Outdoors design: architecture, old stone work and greens! Hess Hoen’s Update of a Historical Home

Bamboo Mais

Against fence behind waterfall Bamboo Mais

Barn House by Maciej Mackiewicz 1120px X 4067px

Interior Architecture - Barn House by Maciej Mackiewicz X

Outside courtyard

Outside courtyard

My shower one day

Just open the windows and enjoy an indoor/outdoor shower. The thick wood planks on the floor on your bare feet give a true outdoor feeling.

paz interior

Una terraza que transmite paz y serenidad

paz interior outdoor area with bamboo garden screen

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Random Inspiration 81

elevation and open access to the backyard would be great but not a must-have. also like the clean look of the backyard and patio. - Modern Home

10 Fuss-Free House Plants That Clean the Air | Henry Happened

I've had 7 of 10 of these of which I've killed (some repeatedly). Let's see how "fuss free" they truly are. House plants/take III (maybe my will be my (plants) decade). 10 Fuss-Free House Plants That Clean the Air - Henry Happened


Nice design combination of concrete, wood and brick - « Landscape Architecture Works

Uncomplicated Contemporary Design

Uncomplicated Contemporary Design limestone pavers x 300 mm with small spacing and dark mortor

Landscapers, Landscape Design Company | Harrison's Landscaping, Sydney NSW | Bondi

Great idea to have a vertical timber wall in front of the bricks to shade & create interest with chairs & pota