little people celebrations

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two pink and white balloons with flowers on the top one is attached to a wall
Pom-Pom Balloons!
Wrap tulle around balloons!! This is gorgeous and SO easy!
someone holding an ice cream cone wrapped in plastic
Fairy floss in a cone...cute gift for kids party or classroom!
there are balloons in the shape of ice cream cones
Ice Cream Balloons- made with brown construction paper! Too easy!
two pictures of children playing in a ball pit
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Bright First Birthday Party in a Rainbow of Colours
a card with the words how do you organize a space party?
Dropping the Science: Just Don't Invite Pluto
funny science news experiments memes - Planning a Planet
a collage of photos showing the process of nailing someone's nails and getting their nails done
Kids Birthday Party Ideas - Spa Themed Girls Birthday Party | Pear Tree Blog
Spa Themed Girls Birthday Party