Medieval-styled illustrations...

being a board with medieval-styled illustrations of childrens' stories taken from
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John Duncan RSA RSW (British, 1866-1945) Romeo and Juliet 28 x 13 cm. (11 x 5 1/8 in.)

John Duncan RSA RSW (British, Romeo and Juliet 28 x 13 cm.) A tragedy of youth as youth sees it - Henry Granville Barker

russian fairy tale....strikingly beautiful...i love everything about it! Whimsy, nature, color, detail.:

The biggest part of Russian fairy tales were created by people with a big life experience, people who have traveled a l.

" Rapunzel " Written by Friedrich Shultz - illustraded by James Maxwell - From The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale Collection - Germany (1790)

" Rapunzel " Written by Charles Perrault - Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale - German

Uther and Ygraine. Color plate from "King Arthur and his Knights", illus. by Frank Godwin (1889 ~ 1959)  (via Null Entropy)

Tristan and Isolde by Francis Godwin better known as Frank Godwin (American illustrator and comic strip artist)

Arthur finds the sword, from 'King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table', by Doris Ashley, published 1921

Enchantment of Camelot - Arthur A. Dixon - Arthur finds the sword - King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table by Doris Ashley