Everyone will love these delicious Jelly Cakes and they're a cinch to make. They're known as Zingers in the US. Don't miss the Neapolitan Lamingtons too!

Jelly Cakes CWA Recipe A Family Favorite

This Jelly Cakes CWA Recipe is a sweet treat you'' love to eat. They are a delicious old fashioned recipe that everyone loves. Make some today!

Made famous after it went viral in 2014 with an impressive 3million views and over 400,000 shares.

Bianca’s famous easy vegetable & bacon slice

Vegetable and Bacon Slice — 6 eggs 1 large zucchini grated 1 carrot grated onion finely diced cup goat cheese thinly sliced bacon Pinch of nutmeg and baking powder Salt and pepper to taste

This easy scone recipe makes the best scones ever and it only has 3 ingredients…

This easy scone recipe makes the best scones ever and it only has 3 ingredients. Self rising flour, Sprite and whipping cream.

This EASY VANILLA SLICE is the easiest and best vanilla slice recipe you will ever come across, it's that good!

Just like the title suggests, this Easy Vanilla Slice is one of the easiest ways to make vanilla slice. Not only is it easy, but it tastes amazing!

Easy Passionfruit Slice / Bars

Easy Passionfruit Slice / Bars

Very easy to make, tastes great, and I already had all the ingredients in my pantry :)

Mary Berry recipes

Mary Berry recipes

Try our tasty Mary Berry recipes - the queen of cakes! Our favourites include Mary Berry's Victoria sponge cake and her lemon drizzle cake