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a brown leather briefcase sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a white brick wall
Draw a realistic leather bag icon using Illustrator & Photoshop from scratch
VIP Exclusive Tutorial – Draw a realistic leather bag icon using Illustrator & Photoshop from scratch P.S. Elevate your design skills with PSD Vault's VIP membership!
an apple watch with a woman's face on it
Draw Realistic Apple Watch from Scratch in Photoshop
⌚️Calling all creative minds! What you'll learn: ➡️Mastering vector tools: Create the watch's basic shapes with precision. ➡️Lighting & shadow magic: Breathe life into your drawing with realistic highlights and shadows. ➡️Texturing techniques: Elevate your artwork with subtle textures for added depth. Click the link below to unleash your inner artist!
the lips are all different colors and shapes, but there is no image to describe
How to Draw Realistic Lips Step by Step In Photoshop
Draw realistic lips in Photoshop Master the art of drawing lips with this detailed guide! Learn: ✍️Step-by-step process for lifelike lips ✍️Bonus tips & tricks for added realism No more flat lips, just stunning creations!
a pink ice cream in a striped cup
Draw a Delicious Ice Cream Icon in Photoshop
Want to draw a delicious ice cream icon in Photoshop? This FREE tutorial by PSD Vault shows you how! Learn to: ✍️Use vector shapes for easy drawing ✍️Add realistic shadows and highlights ✍️Create a yummy ice cream cone No drawing skills needed! ✨
an image of a piano keyboard in adobe
How to Draw Realistic Piano Keys Using Photoshop
Want to draw realistic piano keys in Photoshop? This detailed guide by PSD Vault has you covered! ➡️ [link to the tutorial] Learn how to: ✍️Use basic shapes and layer styles to create realistic keys ✍️Add subtle shadows and highlights for depth ✍️Build a complete piano keyboard (optional) No artistic experience required! ✨