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a room filled with lots of pillows and blankets on top of wooden floor next to windows
Unlock the Wisdom Within You🌟 What lies at the heart of every class at Re:Mind Studio? It's more than just breathwork, sound, and energy… | Instagram
there are many pillows on the floor in this room
Our favourite spot before the Re:Sound Crystal Bowl session🌟 #FindYourCalm #CalmWithUs P.S. all cushions and mats are organic cotton +… | Instagram
a large table with candles and potted plants on it
Wellness Sharing Circle
Spiritual practises like journaling, sharing perspectives and expanding consciousness, cacao ceramony, yoga, meditation, breath work
a large room with lots of yoga mats and potted plants on the windowsill
Premium Photo | Bright yoga studio with equipment
Photo bright yoga studio with equipment | Premium Photo #Freepik #photo
a man sitting on top of yoga mats in a room
Yoga Studio Vibes in Bratislava, Slovakia
Yoga Studio Aesthetics at Kona Yoga in Bratislava. Transform your yoga studio and/or retreat with the style and performance of Manduka Studio Equipment. Connect with us for exclusive deals! #yogastudio #yogavibes #yoga #yogaequipment #mandukaeurope #yogastudioequipment #yogamats
Himalayan Salt Cave, Home Spa Room, Salt Therapy, Wellness Room, Living Pool, Salt Cave
What’s the Deal With Halotherapy and Salt Rooms?
several pieces of wood tied together with white twine and wooden tags attached to them
Palo Santo Bundle, New Beginnings
Smudging is one of the best ways to reach into the soul but certainly don't skip over the body and mind. Palo santo releases energies and cleanses your space. This bundle features a custom intentions disc charm. Bundle comes in 4 sticks wrapped in cotton string. Each stick measures about 4" long and varies in thickness. Comes with a "new beginnings" charm. Our sage and palo santo sticks are sustainably sourced from ethically trade and harvested farms. Hand-wrapped and dried from Los Angeles. How
an indoor yoga area with green plants and mats on the ground, surrounded by greenery
Pachamama Retreat in 2023 | Yoga studio design, Yoga studio home, Yoga space design
there are many pillows on the floor in this room
a room with yoga mats and potted plants
Mindspot [ Meditation Center [ Odessa - Picture gallery 1