Julie Wilkie
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Leather Pattern, Leather Tooling Patterns, Wood Burning Crafts, Doodle Drawing, Woodburning, Fabric Painting, Colored Pencils, Scherenschnitte, Adult Coloring, Needlepoint Designs, Flower Drawings, Colouring Pencils, Molde, Pyrography, Vintage Coloring Books, Painting On Fabric, Drawn Thread, Paint Flowers, Brush Strokes, Sketch Drawing, Acrylic Art, China Painting, Ideas Para, Embroidery Designs, Tulips Flowers, Mark Making, Pencil Drawings, Stencil, Watercolour, Firewood

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Lisa Rodden

Sydney paper artist Lisa Rodden creates intricate forms by delicately cutting art cart that is gently curled to reveal a bold coloration of acrylic paint, each work enhanced by subtle shadows from the relief.