Discover the Mysteries of The Bible | Gospel Movie "Break the Spell"

Watch the kingdom gospel film trailers, and be wise virgins to welcome the Savior’s return!

Change Your Life | Gospel Movie "Come Out of the Bible"

She is a preacher of a house church in China. She preached and shepherded the church whole-heartedly for the Lord. However, confronted with the gradual desol.

New Gospel Movie | What Is True Faith in God? | "Faith in God"

Yu Congguang preaches the gospel for the Church of Almighty God. While preaching the gospel, he was pursued by the Chinese Communist government. He fled to t.

Second Coming of Jesus | Gospel Movie "Ironclad Proofs—Disclose the Myst...

She believed in the Lord from childhood. At she entered a theological school. In her she became one of the leaders of a house church in Shanxi Prov.

Soul Searching | Gospel Movie “Stinging Memories”

Fan Guoyi was an elder of a house church in China. In his over twenty years of service, he always emulated Paul, sacrificing for the Lord zealously and worki.