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Words taken straight from my heart. And the sad truth is...I used to always say I was afraid of commitment to ease the pain of telling someone no.. to make them think the problem was me and not them.

"I'm not afraid of commitment. I'm afraid of surrendering control too quickly, of placing my heart into hands that won't know how to hold it.

Sure, I date men much younger. I'd rather be a babysitter than a nurse.

See this is the kinda of quote I should be pinning more often because it is so true. I wanted this quote to make you laugh Jordan.

Sometimes she feels something is missing. Not a piece of her heart or any feeling of inadequacy. But her soul misses something intangible. The way a star misses the darkness come each morning.

Recovery from NarcoPaths & Toxic people. No contact!

Life Quote: She knows she is lonely, yet she has no problem with it. She prefers to spend her time alone instead of dealing with people's lies and games. - Hazel Ozbek Tagged with: Aloneness , Life , Self , Strength