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a loaf of vegan chocolate cake sitting on top of a cooling rack next to a black cloth
Vegan Chocolate Cake
Looking for an eggless, butterless, vegan chocolate cake recipe? Look no further. 1 recipe to make any type of cake - simple/fancy/cake pops/cupcakes...
some food is in a metal bowl on a table
Rajasthani Baati
Baati - Mother of all bread and yet easiest and healthiest of all to make. Requires less kneading, no rolling, no proving, no raising agent. How good is that? Minimal effort with spectacular results.
a loaf of banana bread with chocolate chips
Banana Choc Cake - Vegan
Have over-ripe bananas sitting around and tempted to toss them? Hold your horses. Here is a perfect recipe to capture all the health beneficial antioxidants ~ "Banana Choc Cake - Vegan” ~