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an empty restaurant with blue booths and wooden tables in the center, along with shelves filled with books
WeWork La Fayette Co-Working Space Gives Nod to the 1920s
two pictures of the inside of a restaurant with wood flooring and plants on shelves
This new coffee shop in Hong Kong is designed to interact with the street
Inside, the black service area and window frames contrast the wood and white details used throughout the cafe.
people sitting at tables in a coffee shop with wooden chairs and hanging lights above them
Espresso Martini
Un diseño étnico e informal para un café junto a la playa.
the inside of a restaurant with lots of plants on the windows and barstools
Taking cues from classic Peruvian bars, Brooklyn's Llama Inn is an unfussy showcase for talented chef...
JFD Studio's Interiors
an empty table and chairs in front of a wall with wooden slats on it
This is not: A boring coffee shop. This is: An exciting new local for Box Hill residents. At the base of the new Australian Tax Office building, The Penny Drop Café was designed in collaboration with Pop & Pac, playing on the concept of the ‘penny dropping’ from the pockets of the ATO office above. Art deco light fittings and textured surfaces create a friendly and inviting space to start your day, and the large, curved bar makes for a cool place to wait for your morning coffee. Photography:...
a sign that says happiness is a cup of coffee and a good book on the wall
Wild but loyal , ⚡️
coffee and a good book. More
a wooden pallet filled with potted plants and lit candles on top of it
19 Inspiring DIY Pallet Planter Ideas | Homelovr
Wood+Pallet+Planter. Great accent-mason jar with candles. Makes for an intimate and romantic bit of outdoor lighting. How best to incorporate this into the full vertical pallets i am imagining...?
the counter is made out of wood and has shelves on each side that hold various items
London: Locke hotel opening | superfuture®
superfuture :: supernews :: london: locke hotel opening
the inside of a restaurant with tables and stools in front of an illuminated sign
Preach Café by De Simone Design
Healthy eating has reached new heights at Preach Café in Bondi Beach. De Simone Design has brought the healthy lifestyle mantra through to the fitout.
an indoor dining area with white tables and green plants on the wall
PDG Offices by Studio Tate | est living
Office Inspiration: PDG Headquarters by Studio Tate | est living
a table with two chairs and a bench in front of the wall, next to a lamp
A Bright and Cheery Cafe in Sopot, Poland
A Bright and Cheery Cafe in Sopot, Poland - curated by
a restaurant with tables, chairs and couches
10 Luxury Bar Lighting Ideas For 2023
Luxury bar lighting ideas for a daring interior!