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Where Do You Get Your Protein? (Amount listed is minimum for a sedentary adult. Active men and women need up to 2-3xs as much!)

When someone knows you are a vegan the first question they'll be asking is “where do you get your protein from? let them know that "protein isn't just meat".

Heart healthy foods. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. - Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

How does your heart feel about your diet? What you eat makes a difference in the health of your heart.

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The Essential Heart-Healthy Food You May Be Missing Raising fiber to lower the risk for C V disease in men today and what to eat to do it.

Get health and fitness tips from expert doctors for men and women. This health journal is about health, weight loss and other alternative medicine. Health tips online.

Want to make the most of your workout ? Do you know What to eat after your workout ?-- Then you need to pile up on these top 20 post-workout foods, t

Foods for Your Muscles - Overall this is a fairly good guide I think while taking in bio-individuality as well.

This perspective of the food tower focuses on muscle. It's another excellent way to see the impact of the foods we eat on our body. A Tower of Muscle Foods For Optimum Health.

500 Bodyweight Challenge Infographic... exactly what I have been looking for!

Discover this excellent Bodyweight Workout Challenge Infographic. Build strength, cardio, mobility and core all in one motivational workout!

Body Fat Percentage: How to Quickly Identify Your Body Fat Level. Probably 16-19% an want to get down to 8-10%.... I've got some serious work to do!!!!

Body Fat Percentage: How to Quickly Identify Your Body Fat Level. Probably an want to get down to I've got some serious work to do, men