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DIY Raised Bed Garden http://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/build-a-raised-bed-garden-our-fairfield-home-garden/

Ever since I made two raised garden beds out of my neighbor’s cast-off shutters, I have wanted more! But, unfortunately, materials to repurpose were just not co…

Starting from Scratch: Vertical Gardening

I'm thinking strawberries!Starting from Scratch: Vertical Gardening -As a general rule, it would take 13 to 18 times more ground space to plant the same amount in a horizontal garden as you can in a vertical garden.

baobab bonsai - Google Search - scales

A very nice Baobab bonsai: Another: A 42 year old Baobab bonsai grown by Johan and Berrie Ras from Warmbad, RSA.