Too big but I like the way the bedrooms on the bottom left are designed w/ mutual study area.

Simonds - Riverview I like this layout but the rooms sizes aren't good. If I was having a house built it would have larger bedrooms. The garage is tight too. Swap the loo and the shower in the master bathroom and enlarge the shower.

St. Ali | Dale Alcock Homes

Ali - Dale Alcock extend kitchen bench and place fridge in corner. Put sink on back wall

"Jasper" design by Metricon. Inclusions list is impressive

Jasper, New Home Floor Plans, Interactive House Plans - Metricon Homes - South Australia like the pantry/ garage access

Porter Davis Homes - House Design: Dunedin

Porter Davis Homes - House Design: Dunedin

Aston | Dale Alcock Homes Would change the parent retreat to a small study/office.

Aston - Dale Alcock Why I Love: Size, Layout, Kitchen - good house for a suburb


The second image for the Piero is an optional façade for the same floor plan.