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I Trained Like the Tomb Raider and Lived to Tell the Tale
How did Alicia Vikander get those crazy abs in Tomb Raider? Find out!
Best Sexy Legs Workout 🔥
@jennadeleon / Leg Workout / Lower Body Workout / Body Fat Burn / Lower Body Exercise / Morning Routine / Glutes Workout 🎵Kilometre - Burna Boy
Printout for the 75 Soft fitness Challenge Instagram, Inspiration, Motivation, Girl, Goals, Shape, Woman, Body
75 Soft Challenge
a woman is doing an exercise with the words, 350 - calorie barre workout
45-Minute Barre Cardio Kickboxing (Video) | Nourish Move Love
a woman doing squat exercises with dumbbells in front of her and the words, 35 - minute squat workout
Squat Workout for Women (200 Squats!)
Build strong legs at home with this squat workout. We'll perform each exercise in a strict set, back to back, then break up each circuit with 20 reps of a squat variation (completing over 200 squats in this workout). Target the quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves and thighs, using just a pair of dumbbells.
a collage of photos with the words 5 daily mobility routine
5 BEST Mobility Routines (Do Daily!)
Improve range of motion with five mobility training routines for better workouts. Mobility training protects your joints, prevents injury, and ultimately improves your workouts. These five mobility routines strengthen the muscles and ligaments in the upper body, lower body and spine.
Sculpted Shoulders in my 50's!
Who says you can’t have sculpted arms in your 50s! Here’s an example of a workout that I would put on repeat! Not every day, of course, but perhaps once a week! I actually filmed a similar workout and it will be out on my YouTube channel next week. Be sure to follow me over there.
Daily Workout
two pictures of a woman running and a dog running in the grass, with caption that says how i think i look when i go running
Learn To Like Running
a horse standing in the middle of a field behind a barbed wire fence that says, when you're built for feed not speed
Memes & Tweets You'll Forget About Just Minutes After Reading This Listicle