New York City's Easter Parade is where you can get into the festive spirit of the holiday!

Festive, Crazy Hats at New York’s Easter Parade

Festive, Crazy Hats at New York’s Easter Parade - The Cut love this birds nest and flower nest topped hat

Chicken Easter Hat. Use a crap load of colorful chickens and some purple dots to decorate your Easter hat. It turns out really amazing. It’s wonderful to go for the Easter hat parade.

Cool Easter Bonnet or Hat Ideas

Easter hats are a traditional part of Easter celebrations at primary school. No Easter celebration would be complete without the Easter bonnet. If you are confused about how to create your lovely kid’s bonnet, this may save your time.

Surreal Dreams | Jeanne Johnston by Rus Anson for Youth Vision June 2011

Editorial: “Surreal Dreams” Magazine: Youth Vision Issue: June 2011 Photographer: Rus Anson Stylist: Danielle Wallis Model: Jeanne Johnston pinned with Bazaart

Everyone knows the song that B. Knowles sing If I were a boy, even just for a day… Well, My song is the opposite: IF I WERE A GIRL, EVEN JUST FOR A DAY… I would change five times my out…

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