mix of seperate light sources creating patterns and subtle but obvious tonal differences between beams.

Peter Eisenman's Berlin/Holocaust memorial Light and Shadow. I like the way the structure of the building creates strong impressions of light and dark. Also the juxtaposition between the natural and man-made forces interests me.


Spiral staircases represent negative space in an everyday form. We need negative space as much as we need light to shine through those spaces!



Less is More

Unity and repetition. A great example of Unity; with the repetition of the arc structure and reflection, place this image in a way that brings them all together. The spacing within the shadow on the wall also creates the sense of great proximity and mood.

Beautiful light and shadows in this photo by Dan Newcomb Photography | Lines -

Northern BC is full of amazing spots that can take your breath away, like these tall winter shadows near Fort Nelson, BC. Photo by Dan Newcomb Photography. THE VERY NATURE OF BLACK

door in the light

"This is what I am going for with my design; the idea of light casting shadows of a beautiful pattern" This photo is just brilliant.

Fall break morning

Fall break morning (Anna gillar)

Miscellany More

by Bartek Zaborowski. Photo is amazing, but illustrates the fragility and unnaturalness of that methodized adaptation of mono-culture

Steven Meyers' x-ray prints of flowers (more at xray-art.com)

Steven N. Meyers has turned X-ray images of flowers and plants into fine art. by patti lovely idea for a tattoo