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The Idiran, Xoxarle

Were you paying attention to yesterdays synopsis of Consider Phlebas? With which race did the Culture engage in a 48 year long war? The Affront B. Idirans D. Azad Artwork by Wayne Ashworth

i think they misinterpreted this---sleeping ain't sex, if you're doing it right

I am a Christian, however, I don't take the bible literally and will never get why others do. Man is flawed and the bible was written, translated, and interpreted by man. Of course the bible would be too!

I've probably already pinned this. Don't care. It's a game ender.

I have a long history of being annoyed by Ricky Gervais, going back way before I saw this meme --but only in his chosen context as a commentator on religion, not his animal rights activism nor his .