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Uluru, Australia

Cataratas de Uluru (Australia) Uluru Waterfalls in Mutitjulu, Northern Territory, Australia


The Pinnacles - Western Australia. Truly amazing natural landscape - and no one knows how they formed.

Australia! Australia! There's nothing like Australia!!!!

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10 Awesome Nature Scenery Pictures

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Queensland, Australia Consisting of more than individual reefs and 900 islands, the Great Barrier Reef is the largest reef system sprawling over kilometers in Coral Sea.

Show me your #armparty! I'll be featuring my faves!

This photo captures multiple hands creating a peace sign TOGETHER. Witout one person the hand sign would not work, but as a whole it creates a lovely, meaningful image.

Australia!!! #australia

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is an iconic image to fellow Australians and the whole world over. This night shot says it all.