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Hidden rainbow hair is the new teen hair craze parents won't even notice

There's a new teen hair craze happening and it may even be happening in stealth mode in your own home, escaping even the most attuned parental eye.

Making your Candle Throw (or cast its fragrance over a wide area) is the primary goal of making a Fragranced Candle. This is not hard to achieve if you understand the basic parameters. There are 5 things to consider when making a successfully Fragranced Candle.

Directions for making hand dipped candles. Materials: * Plain Paraffin Wax ( about a pound) can be found at grocery stores & craft shops * Double Boiler or you can use a large coffee can for melting wax in, inserted in a pot filled half full of water.

Step by Step Instructions So you have decided to embark upon candle making. However, you may not wish to make several varieties of candles but want to focus on a special type. If so, this checklist was prepared with you in mind.

Try This: Make Your Own Gel Air Fresheners I've never been a big fan of commercial air fresheners, but I'm always the one who forgets she put a pot of water and spices on the stove to boil as well. scent without the worry of lighting your kitchen on fire.