Sasan Kord Rostami

Sasan Kord Rostami

"I am IRANIAN" I am proud to say IRANIAN. No I 'm not a terrorist nor wife beater. I do not live in a tent in a desert and my forefather is KOOROSH (Cyrus the G
Sasan Kord Rostami
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In the present day, we are more than ever concerned about the way we dress and present ourselves. Our clothing and style represent our ideas and the way we feel about ourselves.

No me gustan los pantalones rotos,  pero el look esta bien

When you discuss fashion clothing, you are going to be able to find numerous summer dresses in various online portals. It is an impossible task to discuss fashion, not discuss shoes.

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Break: the menswear term for how much creasing occurs at the bottom of the trousers, due to the length of fabric resting on one’s shoes.